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Dead Horse

Walter Satterthwait: Dead Horse (USA 2006)

From the Publisher:
LasVegas, New Mexico. After a tempestuous separation in 1935, Emily died, apparently a suicide, though many thought she was murdered. Whitfield, who quit writing after the marriage, never escaped the cloud of suspicion surrounding his wife's death. Genre veteran Satterthwait offers his version of what might have happened, jumping back and forth in time to tell the story of the couple's storybook romance and its tragic denouement. The alternate history is completely credible, and the portrayal of a genre star brought down by the high life is addictively readable (especially for its links to Dashiell Hammett, who may have based Nick in The Thin Man on Whitfield). Great fun, particularly for pulp fans.

Walter Satterthwait: Dead Horse. A Novel. Dennis McMillan, ISBN: 0939767554 (January, 2007), 182 p., $30.00.






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