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A Dark-Adapted Eye

Barbara Vine: A Dark-Adapted Eye (UK 2016)

From the Publisher:

Faith Severn's life has long been overshadowed by the mystery surrounding her aunt. A respectable woman who committed a crime so terrible she was hung for it.

Now, the time has come to piece her story together.

What secret caused two devoted sisters to turn from love to hate?
And was Vera born a killer... Or was she driven to it?

Barbara Vine: A Dark-Adapted Eye. Introduced by Val McDermid. 30th Anniversary Edition. Penguin, ISBN: 9780241976883 (March, 2016), 304 p., £7.99.



A Dark-Adapted Eye

Barbara Vine: A Dark-Adapted Eye (USA 1993)

From the Publisher:
Faith Severn has grown up with the dark cloud of murder looming over her family. Her aunt Vera Hillyard, a rigidly respectable woman, was convicted and hanged for the crime, but the reason for her desperate deed died with her. Thirty years later, a probing journalist pushes Faith to look back to the day when her aunt took knife in hand and walked into a child's nursery. Through the eyes of a woman trying to understand an unspeakable, inexplicable family tragedy, Barbara Vine leads us through a shadow land of illicit lust, intimate sins, and unspoken passions -- to a shattering and illuminating climax, as inevitable as it is unexpected. In this enthralling masterpiece, a great crime writer has achieved both a flawlessly crafted novel of psychological suspense and a deeply probing work of literary art.

Barbara Vine: A Dark-Adapted Eye. Plume Books, ISBN: 0452270642 (October, 1993), 278 p., $7.95.



A Dark-Adapted Eye

Barbara Vine: A Dark-Adapted Eye (USA 1987)

From the Publisher:
Faith Severn, the niece of executed murderess Vera Hillyard, strives to protect her family from the terrible truth when writer Daniel Stewart begins to probe into a murder that took place thirty years earlier...

Barbara Vine: A Dark-Adapted Eye. Bantam Books, ISBN: 0553264982 (July, 1987), 278 p., $3.95.


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