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Tony Hillerman: Skinwalkers (USA 2011)

From the Publisher:
Three shotgun blasts rip through the side of Officer Jim Chee's trailer as the Navajo Tribal Policeman sleeps. He survives, but the inexplicable attack has raised disturbing questions about a lawman once beyond reproach.

Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn wonders why Chee was a target and what connection the assault has to a series of gruesome murders that has been plaguing the reservation. But the investigation is leading them both into a nightmare of ritual, witchcraft, and blood... and into the dark and mystical domain of evil beings of Navajo legend, the "skinwalkers."

Tony Hillerman: Skinwalkers. Harper, ISBN: 9780062018113 (October, 2011), 336 p., $9.99.




Tony Hillerman: Skinwalkers (USA 2002)

From the Publisher:
Three shotgun blasts explode into the trailer of Officer Jim Chee of the Navajo Tribal Police. But Chee survives to join partner Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn in a frightening investigation that takes them into a dark world of ritual, witchcraft, and blood -- all tied to the elusive and evil "skinwalker." Brimming with Navajo lore and sizzling suspense, Skinwalkers brings Chee and Leaphorn, Hillerman's bestselling detective team, together for the first time.

Tony Hillerman: Skinwalkers. Harper Prism, ISBN: 0061000175 (May, 2002), 299 p., $6.99.


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