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Tony Hillerman and Rosemary Herbert (ed.): A New Omnibus of Crime

From the Publisher:
A New Omnibus of Crime This fantastic new collection picks up where Dorothy L. Sayers' 1920 classic The Omnibus of Crime left off bringing together monumental, important, and entertaining works of mystery short fiction from the inter-war years of the twentieth century to the first years of the twenty-first century. Rosemary Herbert and Tony Hillerman, both celebrated crime-writers in their own right, introduce each story and place each selection in the context of the author and the genre's literary history. This extraordinary collection is international in scope and emphasizes the most exciting styles and voices in each genre, rather than taking a typical decade-by-decade approach. As a result A New Omnibus of Crime is full of a whole range of engaging, page-turning, and spine tingling selections from the past eight decades. Stories in this collection include Patricia Highsmith's "Woodrow Wilson's Necktie," Sue Grafton's "A Poison That Leaves No Trace," Jeffery Deaver's "Copycat," and Alexander McCall Smith's "He Loved to Go for Drives with His Father," and many more, including both well-known classics and some never-before-published gems. A New Omnibus of Crime is a marvelous achievement that brings together some of the greatest crime and mystery short fiction ever collected.

Tony Hillerman and Rosemary Herbert (ed.): A New Omnibus of Crime. Oxford University Press, ISBN: 0195182146 (October, 2005), 434 p., $35.00



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