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James Ellroy: L.A. Noir - The Lloyd Hopkins Trilogy

L.A. Noir - The Lloyd Hopkins Trilogy From the Publisher:
THREE OF ELLROY'S MOST COMPELLING NOVELS FEATURING DETECTIVE SERGEANT LLOYD HOPKINS IN ONE VOLUME. BLOOD ON THE MOON:20 random killings of women are unconnected in police files. But Det.Sgt. Lloyd Hopkins sees a pattern. As he is drawn to the murderer, the two men face a confrontation pitting icy intelligence and white-heated madness... BECAUSE THE NIGHT:Jacob Herzog, hero cop, has disappeared. A multiple murder committed with a pre-Civil War revolver remains unsolved. Are the two cases interlinked? As Det. Sgt. Lloyd Hopkins pieces the puzzle together he discovers the darker threat of John Haviland, a psychiatrist whose pleasure comes from the manipulation of the weak and lonely. SUICIDE HILL:Duane Rice leaves jail with good news and bad news:Two adulterous bank managers are ripe for squeezing, but Vandy, who he is obsessed with making a rock star, has disappeared. An orgy of violence erupts as Duane's partner goes beserk and Duane settles scores with knife and bullet. Leading the manhunt Sgt. Lloyd Hopkins stumbles on a horrifying conspiracy of corruption and betrayal- among his own colleagues.

James Ellroy: L.A. Noir - The Lloyd Hopkins Trilogy. Arrow, ISBN: 009925509X (February, 1998), 848 p., £12.99



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