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Head Case

Liza Cody: Head Case (2016)

From the Publisher:
The 4th Classic Anna Lee Mystery A highly gifted child of chilly, creepy parents disappears. They hire Anna Lee to find her.

"Anna Lee is doubly unputdownable, by caustic yet tender temperament and as the hub of whirling good fictions." The Sunday Times

"Liza Cody is one of our most inventive crime writers." Punch

Liza Cody: Head Case. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, ISBN: 9781507777886 (January, 2016), 236 p., $8.50, £5.50.



Head Case

Liza Cody: Head Case (UK 1993)

From the Publisher:
Thea Hahn is a highly gifted child, exceptional in mathematics, astrophysics and chess. But Thea has disappeared, and her chilly parents are very worried. They hire Anna Lee to find their 16-year-old daughter. When Thea turns up, however, she seems deranged and is raving about murder.

Liza Cody: Head Case. Arrow Books, ISBN: 0099203219 (January, 1993), 194 p., £3.99.


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