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A White Arrest

Ken Bruen: A White Arrest (USA 2012)

From the Publisher:
A pair of rough cops hunts for a career-making arrest in this first novel of the "hip, violent and funny" trilogy set in Southeast London (Publishers Weekly).

After four decades at the precinct, and close to forcible retirement, all London's Chief Inspector Roberts has to show for it is a hateful daughter, a faithless wife, and a dwindling bank account. With his partner, the bullying Irish Detective Sergeant Brant, Roberts is still looking for every cop's badge of honor: the White Arrest -- that career-changing bust that could make them chat show heroes. Or least wipe their dirty slates clean. And they have a lot to work with right now...

A racist Death Wish-inspired street gang is lynching drug dealers from Brixton lampposts. And in the quiet suburb of Balham, a bat-wielding lunatic has been bashing in the skulls of a schoolboys' cricket team. With any luck Roberts and Brant will make the front page -- by any means necessary.

With two unforgettable -- and arguably irredeemable -- tough London cops, award-winning author Ken Bruen again proves he's "become the crime novelist to read" (George Pelecanos).

Ken Bruen: A White Arrest. Book one of the White Trilogy. / Open Road Media, ISBN: 9781453289013 (December, 2012), eBook, 2 MB (ca. 147 p.), $9.99.



A White Arrest

Ken Bruen: A White Arrest (UK 1998)

From the Publisher:
A serial-killer is picking of the England cricket team; and in Brixton, a vigilante group is hanging dope dealers from lamp-posts.

Just two of the cases facing the R&B of London's Metropolitan police force: Chief Inspector Roberts and Detective Sergeant Brant. Roberts feels he should write poetry or enjoy opera, just like the detectives on TV. But when it comes down to it, he's as corrupt as the south London villains he's meant to be chasing. Brant is an animal and that's how he likes it. His idea of cleaning up the streets is to exterminate the vermin that lives on them.

Both policemen are in deep shit. They desperately need a white arrest - a major catch to whitewash all past sins and deliver them, if not to paradise, at least to a better beat.

Paced with black humour and a soundtrack of violence and intolerance, A White Arrest is Police Procedural novel like no other...

Ken Bruen: A White Arrest. Do-Not Press, ISBN: 1899344411 (October, 1998), 164 p., £6.50.


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