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Helen Zahavi: Dirty Weekend

Dirty Weekend From the Publisher
"This is the story of Bella, who woke up one morning and realised she'd had enough." So begins Dirty Weekend, a tale of revenge...

"From the opening lines the repetitive, hypnotic authority of the prose takes over... As a piece of stylised thuggery - mordant humour run riot - the effect is stunning. Helen Zahavi's comic timing is perfect; she knows exactly how far to go." MARIE CLAIRE

"The possibility of revenge described by Dirty Weekend exists almost nowhere outside Zahavi's pages... Bella, a reluctant angel of deliverance, narrates the revenge fantasies of the sexually abused with a deadpan, desperately funny voice, looking and mocking where the rest of us would never dare." NAOMI WOLF, New Statesman & Society

Dirty Weekend is excruciatingly well-written... Helen Zahavi's taut, gripping prose implicates us in Bella's bloody triumph... It's terrifying." ZOE FAIRBAIRNS, Everywoman

"Helen Zahavi's Dirty Weekend is everything that Bret Easton Ellis's American Psycho wants to be but isn't... Provocative, confrontational, disturbing, challenging, enlightening and moving..." BLITZ

"Poor Martin Amis, poor D.M. Thomas. The game's over, boys - literary terrorism and the fun on the streets... Read Dirty Weekend. It's good - it may even be beautiful - and it's true." ANDREA DWORKIN

Helen Zahavi: Dirty Weekend. Flamingo, ISBN: 0006544657 (September, 1993), £6.99


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