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Three Cases for Inspector Wexford

Ruth Rendell: Three Cases for Inspector Wexford (UK 2002)

From the Publisher:
'Ruth Rendell has quite simply transformed the genre of crime writing. She deploys her peerless skill in blending the mundane, commonplace aspects of life with the potent, murky impulses of desire and greed, obsession and fear' Anthony Clare, Sunday Times
'Her most brilliant Wexford mystery to date- The plot is complicated and elaborately detailed but, as usual, there is not one superfluous word- stunning imagery' Kate Saunders, Cosmopolitan
'Beyond praise, completely compelling - will delight all Wexford's admirers' Allan Massie, The Scotsman

'Impressive and courageous- Rendell's psychological and social insights are so absorbing, it's easy to forget what a superb plotter she is. As a mystery, Simisola is exceptional- pace, surprise, tension and a climax of stunning unexpectedness' The Times 'Not only the finest crime novelist, but one of the finest novelists writing in the English language' Scotsman

'The book could hardly be more readable - A brilliant evocation of place, character and mood' Evening Standard' With immaculate control, Ruth Rendell builds a menacing crescendo of tension and horror that keeps you guessing right up to the brilliantly paced finale' Good Housekeeping 'Rendell is the absolute mistress of plot' Mail on Sunday

Ruth Rendell: Three Cases for Inspector Wexford. Kissing the Gunner's Daughter, Semisola, Road Rage. Hutchinson, ISBN: 0091794471 (June, 2002), 896 p., £14.99.






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