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Barbara Vine: The Blood Doctor

The Blood Doctor From the Publisher:
Lord Henry Nanther was Queen Victoria's favourite physician. An expert on blood diseases, he had hoped his discoveries about inheritance and the taints passed from parent to child would earn him a great place in posterity.

But when, years later, the present Lord Nanther begins probing into his great-grandfather's life, some perplexing mysteries come to light. Why did Henry marry a lower-class girl? What was the true nature of his fiancee's tragedy? Why did his life end so miserably? Above all, what was the secret he carried to his grave? Barbara Vine's compelling new thriller explores ambition, obsession and bad blood.

The Blood Doctor, Barbara Vine's latest thriller, is a chilling tale of ambition, obsession and bad blood. Here, in an exclusive interview, we talk to the queen of crime about the inspiration for her latest blood-curdling book and her life in the murky criminal underworld.

Barbara Vine: The Blood Doctor. Penguin Books, ISBN: 0141009160 (March, 2003), 480 p., £6.99



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