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Bob Leuci: Sweet Baby James

Sweet Baby James From the Publisher:
Washington, D.C., political capital of the United States, is the nation's murder capital as well. This human jungle is police detective Scott Ancelet's beat. Ancelet has seen the worst that human beings can do, but when he sees the abused and butchered body of a young boy, it is one horror too many. He vows to find the killer with a single-mindedness that disturbs his captain and his partner.

Robert Leuci delves into the reality of the dark habitats of cops and criminals and the lines that divide them. A taut, suspenseful novel of murder and mayhem by the author of Captain Butterfly and Odessa Beach (both published by Moyer Bell). Sweet Baby James was previously published under the title Double Edge.

Bob Leuci: Sweet Baby James. Moyer Bell; ISBN: 1559212993, (April, 2004), 272 p., $10.95



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