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Lauren Henderson: Jane Austen's Guide to Dating

Jane Austen's Guide to Dating From the Publisher:
Jane Austen's witty, perceptive and romantic novels have delighted readers for two hundred years. With clear sight, common sense and good judgment, she observed the hits and near-misses of her heroes and heroines in love. Dating certainly hasn't got any easier since then and Lauren Henderson believes that today's singletons might just have lost touch with the fundamental rules. JANE AUSTEN'S GUIDE TO DATING rights that wrong and brings Austen's Regency wisdom into the twenty-first century. This is the only dating guide based on stories that really have stood the test of time. It's a fun, insightful book, full of concrete advice and wise strategies that illustrate how honesty, self-awareness and forthrightness do win the right man in the end and weed out the losers, playboys and toxic flirts. Henderson deftly summarizes all the love stories in the books and introduces all the characters, so that newcomers and devotees alike can delight in this fun, fresh and audacious how-to guide.

Lauren Henderson: Jane Austen's Guide to Dating. Headline, ISBN: 0755314697 (September, 2005), 309 p., £6.99






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