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Lauren Henderson: Too Many Blondes

Too Many Blondes From the Publisher:
By any standards of decency, there were too many blondes in that gym. If one of them had died in less suspicious circumstances I would have put it down to Darwin's theory of natural selection. Only the way this one happened to die was about as natural as the colour of her hair' Sexy, sarcastic and stroppy, a second outing for Sam Jones. When one of her colleagues at the gym turns into a corpse, Sam is asked to investigate. And with her extremely unorthodox methods she discovers that more than one of the staff has an unpleasant secret to hide. Not too mention her own scandalous entanglement with a very unlikely source indeed...

Lauren Henderson: Too Many Blondes. Arrow, ISBN: 0099415143 (July, 2002), 254 p., £5.99






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