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Liza Cody: Backhand (USA 2016)

From the Publisher:
The 6th Classic Anna Lee Mystery Anna feels she's nothing more than a burglar alarm saleswoman - until she meets an American client and the case takes her to the USA.

"Anna Lee is back - headstrong, volatile, independent, street-sharp, witty, soft and beguiling. A fizzing return." The Times

"Whirling plot, inimitable pace and zest." Sunday Times

Liza Cody: Backhand. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, ISBN: 9781507777954 (January, 2016), 342 p., $8.50.




Liza Cody: Backhand (UK 1992)

From the Publisher:
Anna Lee, Private Investigator at Brierly Security, is stifled by their mean-minded respectability. She is now merely a saleswoman of burglar alarms with no gaps in her diary for any surprises. Until, that is, she meets an American client, Lara Crowther, for a game of tennis. Lara employs Anna to trace some missing knitwear - and then the missing daughter of its designer.

The tangled skein has loose ends both sides of the Atlantic and Anna, glad to leave the muddle of her own life in London, finds herself in Florida, playing a dangerous game whose rules she does not know, and where, under the glitter and the suntans, evil intent flourishes.

Liza Cody: Backhand. The New Anna Lee Mystery. Arrow, ISBN: 0099915804 (February, 1992), 279 p., £3.99.


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